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Breakfast, Tea Time And More With Eva Solo [AD]

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

This post is in collaboration with Eva Solo who kindly gifted me select pieces from their Autumn 2019 range.

If you've not heard of this brand before, let me introduce you to Eva Solo - a Danish, family owned company established over 100 years ago. They are one of many home and interior brands that I follow who are renowned for their simplicity in design, distinct lines and functionality. Now run by fourth generation family member, Jan Engelbrecht, Eva Solo have developed into an innovative, international brand selling their high quality products worldwide. Stylish enough to leave out on display, I’m sure you will enjoy their collections as much as I do!

Pictured: Eva Solo vacuum jug and lungo tumbler in color 'birch.'

During the colder months I'm often dashing to the kitchen to reheat my tea or to boil more water to make a fresh cup - I drink copious amounts of tea so why I haven't used a large flask until now is beyond me! Part of the Autumn 2019 the vacuum jug pictured above is functional yet sleek and simple in design. The best part is the award-winning drip-free stainless steel pouring lip. The wide opening at the top makes the jug easy to fill and has a replaceable glass insert. The flask is sturdy and holds one litre of liquid, perfect for when you have visitors. You can use it to hold your favourite hot drink but I prefer only to use it for boiled water; that way you won't get any cross contamination of flavours if you decide to put tea in one day and coffee the next - just trust me on that one, I'm a very particular Virgo!

Pictured: Eva Solo glass tumbler and lungo tumbler

Pictured above to the right is the fridge carafe. Like the vacuum jug, it's designed to be100% drip free so the contents won't end up all over your table! It fits in most fridge doors and is suitable for both hot and cold drinks. I really do appreciate the thoughtful design elements by Eva Solo - The lungo tumblers have been silicone coated for a secure grip and the carafe has an additional 'jacket' to maintain the temperature. Overall great design and functionality. Win win!

You can browse the Eva Solo range here and keep up to date with the latest on Instagram here. Styling and photography by Melissa Selmin.

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