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Moodboard | Natural Curves

Happy Monday. I hope you've had a good start to the week? I thought it might be quite nice to kick things off with a moodboard which I haven't made in a while. I created this (well iterations of the same thing actually) for no other reason than pure visual pleasure. Perhaps it will inspire new artwork or a styling project? Perhaps it will inspire you in some way and I'd love to see if it does so do tag me on Instagram @melissaselmin.

Below I've complied images together that explore the themes of fluidity, movement and flow in an earthy palette - These themes often run throughout my work. The natural world provides an abundance of inspiration for design - You can see how the Valley of Fire image could have inspired the other images/works, either through color palette or the natural curves in the rock formations.

Pictured (from top left to right): Alexis Christodoulou, High Gloss, Richard Serra, Sacha Chaise, Frankie + Clo, Valley of Fire


So how do you create a balanced moodboard you might ask? Well it's simple and there aren't really any rules but here is a loose guide:

  1. Pick a theme and color palette you'd like to explore

  2. Collect visual inspiration (photos, artwork, graphics etc) - I do this in Pinterest however be careful not to fall down a rabbit hole on that app - I know I certainly have!

  3. Begin piecing together only your absolute favourite images (you could include words too). I do this in Photoshop but if you don't have this application, you could download Canva (not sponsored - but I've heard good things about this)! At this point you should narrow down your findings to only the best images that convey your theme, idea and color palette the best. You could stick to a harmonious, tonal palette like I have or you could explore a range of colors in one moodboard.

  4. If you're sharing your moodboard online, don't forget to credit the person's work.

And if you're still feeling stuck, here are some moodboards I've saved on my Pinterest for reference.

I'd be interested to know which version you like the most?

Moodboard layouts created by Melissa Selmin.

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