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New In | Forma Collection

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Graphic with a feminine touch, Forma (in my native Italian) meaning 'form' is my latest collection of art prints exploring organic shapes and forms in a soothing warm and earthy palette.

After what seems like an eternity since I launched anything new in my store, I'm excited to finally be able to share with you my latest collection and my sparkly new website! If you're familiar with my artwork, you'll probably notice that Forma is continuation of my earlier abstract pieces but this time with a hint of color!

Gallery wall goals. Pictured clockwise from top right: Intersect No. 2, Unravel No. 1, Passage No. 3 and Fluid Forms No. 1

Pictured: Unravel No. 2 in size 21x30cm

Pictured: Fluid Forms No. 2 in 21x30cm

With my signature textural brush strokes, the collection offers a bold statement, yet maintains a feminine feel through the warm hues. The artworks touch on the Zen principle of simplicity that runs throughout my work - In fact, the very act of creating these pieces was a form of meditation for me. Perhaps you can feel a sense of free flowing energy when you look at them collectively, too?

Color- wise, I took inspiration from the Dulux color of the year palette, 'A Soothing Place to Think' featuring Spiced Honey with a combination of rich hues and neutrals. I like this idea of creating a calming, nurturing space at home to relax away from it all. The concept resonates with me. It feels very now, especially as many of us today seek to improve our physical and mental wellbeing - in this instance, through interior decor. Personally, I find these colors to be quite calming – and that’s the very reason I gravitate towards neutrals.

Unravel No. 3 and Intersect No. 1 in size 13x18cm (5x7inch)

Pictured from left to right: Passage No. 3 and Intersect No. 2, both in size 13x18cm (5x7inch)

Being present and allowing the paintbrush to lead without the pressure of creating anything specific is how the collection came into fruition. I let go of what I thought I should create and simply allowed myself to explore. In a nutshell Forma is an expression of movement and mindfulness, elegance and simplicity.

Striking and unique, Forma collection is based on original abstract paintings by Melissa Selmin. They’re available in a range of sizes from 13x18cm to 40x50cm. Prices start from just £25, making them an easy and affordable way to begin or grow your art collection. Discover the new collection here.

Art direction, styling and photography by Melissa Selmin.

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