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News! | IKEA x Melissa Selmin Art

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

I'm so beyond excited to be able to share this news with you all! If you've followed me for some time, I'm sure you will be familiar with my watercolor landscapes from the Serenity Collection and today I can finally reveal that one of my best sellers, Forest Mist is now available in IKEA! Yes, IKEA!! This is definitely up there on my list of achievements - Believe me, I haven't stopped smiling!

Pictured: Detail of Forest Mist, the original watercolor artwork hand-painted by Melissa Selmin.

Part of the BJÖRKSTA range, Forest Mist, (now titled 'Pines' in IKEA) is quite a statement piece. It's fairly large in size, 200x140 cm to be precise. There's a choice between two slimline minimalist frames - aluminium or black. Both are timeless and will work well in most interior spaces. The artwork and frame come in separate packages, each of which are slender, light and easy to carry. The frame is folded and the artwork is rolled in a tube - This is great if you want to switch things up at a later date as you can pack it all away without the artwork taking too much space at home. Below I have included instructions on how to assembly the canvas art - it's super easy!

When I visited my local store I persuaded - let's call him Mr IKEA- to hang the new artwork up. Naturally, I offered to help. It was such a proud moment to see my artwork hanging on display amongst all the other art.

Pictured: Detail shots of the BJÖRKSTA frame and 'white sticks' (I have no idea what these sticks are actually called) used to secure the artwork to the frame, oh and me looking rather happy!


I took some quick shots on my phone while visiting IKEA to show you how easy it is to assemble the canvas art with the recommended frame. Instructions to assemble as follows:

1) Assemble and lay the frame front side down on the floor. You'll notice the frame has grooves on the back.

2) Unravel the artwork and center on top of the frame.

3) Ensure the artwork is pulled taught (not too tight, not too loose) and use the white plastic sticks pictured in the above moodboard to secure the canvas artwork onto the frame.

4) Trim away any excess canvas or fold and tape inwards and that's it! Really simple and I think the scale of the artwork makes for a great talking point wherever you choose to display it.

The excess canvas can be trimmed away or simply folded inwards and taped securely.


Another idea for displaying Pines would be to wrap the artwork around the outside of the IKEA frame to make it look like a box canvas. Even better - you could stretch the canvas art over a wooden canvas stretcher to make an authentic canvas! I personally like those deep edge canvases as they just seem to have more impact.

If you like the sound of this hack, you would either have to make the canvas stretcher yourself out of timber (if you're into DIY that is)!? or buy one/have one made. Google will be your best friend here as I'm no expert in creating canvases. I did a quick Google search for you and came across these sites here and here which may be of help.

Note: When stretching the canvas with either the IKEA frame or a timber canvas stretcher, always ensure you have the right amount of tension so the artwork lays flat. You'll want to make sure the canvas artwork is pulled taught but not too tight for a smooth and even finish.

BJÖRKSTA Pines artwork is currently available in the UK and USA. If you see it in your local IKEA store anywhere in the world, I'd love to know! Perhaps you could take a photo and tag me on Instagram #stillsmiling :) Photography and artwork by Melissa Selmin. The last image was created using the IKEA online shots.


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